Huate Holding Group
Huate Holding Group is an enterprise group approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. It is a highly specialized enterprise with "highway building materials" and "highway construction" as its core industries. Huate logo is currently the only "well-known trademark in China" in the domestic asphalt industry.

Huate was founded in 1988. Over the past three decades, more than two-thirds of Chinaundefineds provinces and cities, as well as far Africa, Australia, there are thousands of new road projects and road maintenance projects using the products and services provided by Huate Group. These projects include a large number of highways, national and provincial highways, urban trunk roads, Airport runways, as well as tourist areas, industrial areas, cultural and educational areas, CBD, residential roads and so on. Huate Group has always insisted on Limited Business areas, investment in almost unlimited enthusiasm for labor and creativity, dedicated to their products and services to the extreme. At present, Huate Group is one of the most core road asphalt material suppliers in China, and one of the most important road construction enterprises in Fujian Province. After years of hard work, Huate Group currently enjoys obvious competitive advantages in four aspects: industrial chain, scale, channel, technology research and development and brand influence. Huate Group has grown from a small and micro foreign trade company at the beginning of its establishment to an industrial specialized enterprise with an annual turnover of more than 5 billion yuan. It has the ability to make a more stable contribution to the society in terms of employment and tax sources. According to the principle of "having independent core business, independent organizational structure and independent operation mode".

Huate Group integrates core business into three major business sectors: asphalt material sector, engineering construction sector and asphalt commercial concrete sector.

It is worth mentioning that a very important foundation for the survival and continuous growth of Huate Group over the years is the companyundefineds consistent belief and practice of the value concept of "small victory depends on strategy, big victory depends on virtue". "Integrity, awe, gratitude, courtesy," coupled with "labor, creativity, diligence, rigor," the Huate team has long attached importance to and adhered to these common behavior and code of conduct, the achievement of Huate in the customer, government and community reputation.

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