Enterprise Plate
According to the principle of "having independent core business, independent organizational structure and independent operation mode",
HUATE Group integrates all its business into three business sectors:

Asphalt material business plate;
Engineering construction sector;
Bituminous concrete cause plate.
The company will further rationalize its institutional mechanisms:
1. Integrate the business sector as reasonably as possible, so that the business sector more "prominent, clear objectives; independent institutions, compact system; efficient operation, convenient management"; 2. group companies "planning, operation, control" three functions are more in place. 3. ensure that the "sense of personal responsibility" mechanism covers all the business organizations and personnel of the group. 4. according to the characteristics of different businesses, there are different incentives for various business sectors.
The company hopes to achieve this through a new round of institutional reform.
The companyundefineds resource allocation is more reasonable, input-output ratio is more ideal; workers are more enthusiastic; creators are more passionate; everyone has more income and savings consciousness and inherent requirements; production and asset security is more secure; brand promotion is more obvious.
Working day 9:00-16:00
  • HUATE Bitumen
  • Dacheng Group
  • HUATE Overseas

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